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We are the directly factory mainly focus on designing and producing various of molecular biology equipment.

Bio-gener has more than 15 years, with more than 100 employers here to offer you expertised solutions.

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A leading provider of high-quality research tools and services for the life sciences community.

With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we offer a broad range of products, including microplate reader, nucleic acid purification system, real-time PCR, PCR Thermal cycler, and other instrument.

Bio-gener has a team of 15 years experienced technical experts who provide personalized support and services to customers.

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Explore the various aspects of molecular biology equipment with our comprehensive guide. Navigate easily through the topics you are interested in with our helpful directory.


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We provide high-quality research tools and services to meet the needs of researchers worldwide. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture custom solutions that stand out from the rest of the market. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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Real-time PCR System

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Nucleic Acid Purification

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We specialize in fast proposals and rapid production, we know how to make the procedure feel easy.  Bio-gener’s goal is to support scientific discovery and innovation by delivering innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of researchers in academia, industry, and government.


Choose right equipment as per different applicaitons. Provide customized services according to actual needs.

Rapid production

With our efficient production process, we can quickly manufacture high-quality equipment for your business.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Our logistics team can arrange low-cost shipping options to help you save on transportation costs.

On-time delivery

Timely delivery is crucial to the success of production line, we guarantee on-schedule equipment delivery.

Mould design

With our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technologies can help you meet your demands.

Graphic design

Stand out on the shelves with custom logo and label design services that make your brand unforgettable.


Our Services

Looking for a hassle-free purchase and delivery of the Real-time PCR system? We made it simple and easy for you with our streamlined ordering process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Confirm solution (1-7 days)

Don’t let the purchase and delivery of the molecular biology equipment stress you out. At Bio-gener, our team of experienced technical experts is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to help you achieve your research goals.

Step 2

Production (3-15 days)

Customers pay the deposit, we will arrange the production within 1 day. Our approval process is efficient and fast to maximize the time and cost savings for our customers.

Step 3

Shipping (20-30 days)

We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your needs. If you’re in a hurry, air shipping is the fastest but more expensive option, taking just 7-10 days. Sea shipping is the most economical but takes longer, at 20-30 days.

Step 4

After service

At Bio-gener, our team is always available to assist you with tasks such as machine installation, spare parts delivery, commissioning, and maintenance. 

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Purchasing molecular biology equipment can be complex. Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls when selecting a supplier for high-quality equipment and excellent after-sales service. Read on to learn more.

Choosing the wrong supplier or purchasing low-quality equipment can lead to product defects, downtime and incorrect experimental results.

A manufacturer that can provide integrated services is the most reliable partner to build your business.



Bio-gener is committed to providing high-quality research tools and services to meet the needs of researchers worldwide. All products undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure their reliability and accuracy.

Bio-gener has a team of 15 years experienced technical experts who provide personalized support and services to customers, and the company is committed to customer satisfaction.

Bio-gener values customer feedback and are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. We strive to continuously improve our products and services based on customer needs and preferences.


15 Years Experience

Bio-gener has a team of experienced technical experts who provide excellent service and support to you. And offer personalized assistance and help you  overcome technical challenges.


Custom services

Bio-gener offers custom services for molecular biology equipment. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of researchers and can help accelerate their research projects.


Customer satisfaction

Bio-gener provides a comprehensive warranty service for our equipment, ensuring that our customers have peace of mind and can focus on growing their business.

Our Happy Clients!

Bio-gener’s technical experts were very professional and helped us solve our long-standing technical problem based on our short description, while giving us the perfect solution.


Bio-gener’s Real-time PCR Q3200 has a dual-block design that allows two experiments to be performed simultaneously, shortening the waiting time, That’s perfect.


Repure-D PCR with a two-position gradient allows simultaneous exploration of multiple combinations of denaturation and annealing temperatures in a single experiment.




How long does it usually take for me to receive the equipment?

It depends on whether you want customization for your product or not, and also on the speed of customs clearance and logistics. However, we can guarantee to ship molecular biology machines in less than 15 business days.

Do you provide customized service?

Yes, we can design the equipment according to your requirements. We will also provide you with expert guidance based on our many years of experience in the industry.

Do you offer training for operating the machines?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training for operating the machines. Our engineers will teach your staff how to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

What is your guarantee or warranty if we buy your machine?

We offer a 1-2 year warranty on our high-quality machines, as well as lifetime technical support.

Are you a manufacturing or a trading company?

We are a factory, and we offer factory direct prices with excellent quality and worry-free service.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

You’re welcome to visit our factory and see our machines in person. Contact us to schedule a visit and our team will show you around, explain our manufacturing process, and demonstrate the quality of our machines. We’re confident you’ll be impressed!

What about the details of the packaging?

To ensure the integrity and safety of product packaging, main products are packed in thick cartons or export plywood boxes.

What kind of technical support do you offer after purchase?

We offer lifetime technical support for all our machines. Our experienced technicians are available to answer any questions and provide guidance to help you get the most out of your equipment.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms include EXW, FOB, CFR, and CIF.

How do i test the machine before shipment?

Before shipment, we conduct a rigorous 72-hour test run on each machine to ensure its performance and quality. We also provide a test video to the customer for their review and approval.

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